learning german: reading my first real german book

ugh. reading in german is harrrrrrrd.

i think i find it especially frustrating because i’m otherwise a voracious and speedy reader. reading has become much more work because i’m constantly having to look up words. it takes me 20 minutes to read just a few pages of text, only to have to go back and re-read it again once i’ve looked up the words. i’ve also upped the challenge from reading ‘german for beginners’ books to actual books in german. i…i…i just thought i was ready! 


take a trip tuesday: vienna

vienna. not to be mistaken for venice, though both are in europe. so you know, close enough.

vienna. i kept forgetting we weren’t in germany because everything was in german and the buildings and layout of the city were also similar. there were a few differences here and there but for the most part, they were fairly akin. at least superficially.

vienna. i think i got you mixed up with salzburg and i apologise.


vienna, as our tour guide frequently reminded us, is always at the top of those ‘best city for quality of life’ lists. the air is fresh, the people are relaxed, the arts are alive, the food is delicious, and the coffee is famous.

we spent a weekend in vienna and i could have easily spent a week there.  (more…)

take a trip tuesday: vienna to bratislava


i’m cheating a little.

i’ve been working on the post for vienna and bratislava but there are so many photos to go through that it’s taking longer than i expected. but, uh, at least i’m posting something? i mean, it’s only been two months since the last i posted. i’ve had my mum visit, S’s parents visit, a trip every weekend, and work on top of that. hardly time to blog! october’s slower in comparison so i shall be upping the posts. at least that’s the plan. mumblemumblesomethingaboutbestlaidplans…

the easiest part of going through all the photos was the trip between vienna and bratislava. bratislava was a complete fluke because we hadn’t planned to but found out that we could fly out of there cheaper than vienna, catamaran ticket to bratislava included.

turns out a day trip to bratislava is quite popular with those visiting vienna. it’s less than two hours away, significantly cheaper, and totally different than vienna. for 30 euros, you can take the twin city liner down the danube river from the centre of vienna to the centre of bratislava. it’s a windy ride if the weather permits a trip to the viewing deck, but it’s worth it. plus, castles!

it’s worthy to note that we booked online ahead of time and that the online booking is actually in german, even though they say there is an english option. know that they lie. it’s only in english for the first page of booking and then it defaults to german. however, the ticket office is in central vienna and easy to locatem so if you can’t book it online, you can try booking it ahead, in person, once you’re in the city. that all being said, there was a large group that appeared to buy their tickets just before departure. also, it is possible to take the bus from vienna to bratislava but why do that when you can sail down the danube?!?