foto friday: miss dirndl 2013 and me

i’ve decided to post a picture every friday to sum up my week. basically, i’m trying to figure out how to post more regularly so that i can stop getting emails saying i don’t.though, those are nice because it means at least two people are invested in my blog. i shall not disappoint you!

okay. technically, this picture is from last week but whatevs, i’m still super excited about it: I MET MISS DIRNDL 2013!

i had read in the paper about the miss dirndl contest, which i totally would have entered had i more confidence in my german/was a permanent hannover resident, so i knew it was a thing but i didn’t get that IT WAS A THING. i mean, it makes sense but it’s still not anything i would have thought of. anyway. so there we were, on the opening night of hannover’s oktoberfest when, amongst the crowd of dirndls and lederhosen, i spotted a sash and totally was all, “GUYS, IT’S MISS DIRNDL”. i was just happy to have a glimpse of this delightful surprise. aside from hanging out with two of my favourite people (S and my mum), it really made my night. later, S suggest we head into a beer tent so that we could truly experience oktoberfest. in the case, it was more like imagining the true oktoberfest experience, as it was a rainy day with a night run happening in the city and therefore very quiet. we grabbed a seat when in came a marching band! WITH MISS DIRNDL. i was determined to snap a picture with her. my opportunity came after a 50 cent trip to the washroom. i asked her, in german, if she minded if i could take a photo of her. she was very friendly and agreed. LOOK HOW HAPPY I AM!

(forgive the quality. it’s a picture of a picture taken by my mother in the back of a smoky beer tent at hannover’s oktoberfest)

miss dirndl




(das) Sprichwort = a saying, an adage. eg/zB. Andere Länder, andere Sitten or Other countries, other customs.


finally! i’ve replied to the liebster award!

it’s like i dropped off the face of the earth, or something. well, at least here in on ye ole blog. i was doing stuff?

but i’m back! (a nickel for every time i say that…)

as mentioned before, i was nominated for a liebster award, which is basically a type of blog chain letter. and two months later, here i am to answer the questions! i’m nothing but prompt. ahem.

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wo bin ich?

alright! just a quick, I AM HERE! update:

i’ve been nominated for a liebster award! that is, i’ve been tagged in a sort of blog chain letter, as Natalye of Deutsche Bitte explains, only less irritating. it’s basically a way for bloggers to introduce new bloggers and get to know each other a bit more. that post will be up in the next week. i’m excited for it. natalye really asks some good questions.

i’ve been back to vancouver for a couple week visit and to attend my cousin’s wedding. i tell ya, nothing like being back home. it was surreal and a well-needed visit. it also made me appreciate so many things so much more and i am now able to be able to see the difference between vancouver and hannover/canada and germany so much clearer. the trip also made me realise that visiting is exhausting! finding time that work, getting from here to there…i need a holiday from the holiday! but isn’t that always the case? i think that’s where i enter the hashtag ‘expatproblems’!

until the next time,




sicky, sick, sick, sick

i’ve been sick. it’s terrible. it could be worse but it’s still not fun. i also had a good friend from london visit and was sick the whole time.
*shakes fist at life*
(*takes it back because life is actually and indeed a-okay*)

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B1 – Fertig // Done! – plus, photos!


bildungsverein, or educational association. my school for the last five months

alright. i did it.

i made it through B1. to review, people at the B1 level should be able to “…understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure, etc….deal with most situations likely to arise whilst travelling in an area where the language is spoken…. produce simple connected text on topics which are familiar or of personal interest…describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes & ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.” [Source] Continue reading

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