travel tuesday: brussels, belgium

last fall, when i hadn’t yet moved to germany, my mother went on a trip to holland to visit her family. when she came back she raved about belgium, as they took her there for the day. for the day.

[as a north american, this is still something i'm getting used to. that you can take day or weekend trips to different countries. plural.]

it seemed natural then that we do the same thing when we both visited holland for our familiar visit. we eventually decided we would stay for three days instead of just a day trip. we also decided to go to brussels, as although the mother unit had been to belgium, she’d not yet been to brussels and neither had i.


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foto friday: sunday edition

so, uh, looks like i already dropped the ball on foto friday. however, i was spending it with a wonderful friend that i made in my german language class. so this photo is actually from friday!

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 19.13.32

tea party time with natasa

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cooking with oma: soto ayam


soto ayam spread at my relative’s house in rotterdam.

i decided to start my ‘cooking with oma’ adventure with soto ayam because, well, it looked the easiest. i had already cooked a whole chicken before, albeit in an oven, and have cooked many soups with great success (okay. also with great failure but never mind that). this is just those two things together. or something. er. uh. this logic is flawed, i know. just because you like two things separately doesn’t mean they’ll go together. like the time i wanted a tuna melt but all i had was raisin bread. THESE THINGS DO NOT GO TOGETHER. ugh. recalling the taste makes me want to gag. i’m fairly certain ate all of it, though. wasting food makes my heart hurt. oh dear.
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cooking with oma: regret becomes learning.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 17.17.46

i regret not learning how to cook from my grandmother.

my oma.
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foto friday: chicken and beer

last week we had no internet. never mind leaving your phone at home, no internet really makes you feel disconnected and disconcerted by your disconnectedness. i felt like a sad bunny but really for no reason because having no internet made me quite productive:

  • i cooked a traditional indonesian soup AND i wrote a blog post about it because it’s too delicious and easy to make not to share. plus, i remembered to take pictures. sometimes i’m on top of it. *pats self on back*
  • i finished one book (will grayson, will grayson – a fun and smart read. i really enjoyed this but then i do love my YA reads) and stared another (the lies of locke lamora – recommended to me awhile back but i was all, ‘ugh, fantasy, not for me’ and put it off. mistake! it’s great fun and although there is some world building, it doesn’t require maps or pages of family trees). i also caught up on the long reads that i saved to pocket. so much reading!
  • worked on updating my resume and writing a cover letter. ugh. isn’t cover letter writing the worst? HIRE MEEEEEEEEE. that’s what i really just want to write.
  • put away all my clothes! my clothes don’t like living in the closet. they much prefer the floor but i showed them who’s the boss. this surprisingly took a few hours.
oh! we also went to oktoberfest. THE oktoberfest! here’s a photo from that. consider this a teaser for my eventual oktoberfest review. in the meantime, here’s a 1/4 chicken, which was delicious, and beer. so. much. beer. and i didn’t even drink as much as some of our group!
mmm chicken. also, those are one litre glasses. that is a lot of beer in one go.

mmm chicken. also, those are one litre glasses. that is a lot of beer in one go.




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