facebookland! ich bin hier!

my mother has informed me that i need to update my blog. she is correct.

in the meantime, i’ve decided to start a facebook page for all the things i find and do in between blog posts.

come follow me?

tara’s doing stuff facebook page

fluent in three months?

sometimes this happens: i hear english being spoken where i don’t expect to hear it and i think my brain has finally made the switch, the ‘click’ that people keep telling me about. sadly, within mere seconds, i realise it is english i am hearing and it is english i am understanding. while i am now finding myself surprised at how much i can understand, especially considering i’ve only spent – and i’ve done the math, people – 198 hours in a classroom learning german. that’s just about the hours the average 9 to 5er does in a month and a half. so you could say that i’ve learned the basics of german, and then some, in a month. not gonna lie, i’m rather impressed with myself. excuse me while i take a moment to pat myself on the back.

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a poem in german. by me.

sundays with tara presents:

a poem.
in german.
by me.

Hausaufgaben, Hausaufgaben. Zu tun. So viel.
Hausaufgaben, Hausaufgaben. Du bist nicht ein spiel.
Hausaufgaben, Hausaufgaben. Ich will alles wissen.
Hausaufgaben, Hausaufgaben. Wortschatz, ich bin vermissen.
Hausaufgaben, Hausaufgaben. Eines Tages zu verschwunden sein.
Hausaufgaben, Hausaufgaben. Eines Tages, Sprache Deutsch.

Du bist mein.

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mish mash brain smash

hooray! i’ve now officially completed my A2 basic – german course! next up is the A2 advance – german course.

advance makes it sound that my germans has grown by leaps and bounds and that i can now read some thomas mann in its original german. alas, here advance only means learning how to use adjectives in the accusative case and other such additions to the foundation of german.

basically, it’s going to cause my head to explode.

that all being said, i definitely feel that i’m getting better at speaking and holding some sort of basic conversation. my vocabulary has thankfully increased, though i still find myself often describing meals as ‘lecker’ or just with a simple ‘gut’. at least now i can confidently tell you that i went for run yesterday without tripping (ha!) over my words. i find, too, i’m also getting better at expressing more complex ideas, albeit in a bit more of broken german than i’d like. learning where and when to use the adverbs can be tricky but i figure i’ll just attempt and hope i’m understood. mercifully, most germans will correct you. either way, since i keep being asked why on earth would i learn such a hard language, i’m impressing the locals by even attempting to speak the deutsch.

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confusion with simple things

words that continue to confuse me, only because of their english impostors:

the verb for watching is gucken. it sounds to me like cookin’ and lookin’.
the verb for cooking is kochen. it sounds to me like cockin‘, not cookin‘.
so despite gucken rhyming with cookin‘ it does not at all mean the same thing. despite it rhyming with lookin‘, i often mix these up, though i do self correct so there is that. writing this hurt my head. 

means who. that means you can’t fake german accent where (which, let’s face it, we have all done a fake german accent at some point) and think you’ll mean where, you’ll be saying who. it still feels weird to ask “wer ist das?”, which happens a lot during TV watching/browsing through magazines of german famous people. i’ll get over it but in the meantime it still always feels wrong.

and wann. both mean when but when (ha!) you use them depends on the context. intellectually i know when to use them but in conversation i’m still struggling. i would say i get it right 80% of the time but, natürlich, you remember the times you don’t get it right.

and man. english is chalk-full of homophones and it seems german is no different. i mean, they are both germanic languages so it makes sense. ANYWAY. man is an indefinite pronoun – meaning you/one. and mann. sorry Mann, as it is the german language way to capitalize everything all proper nouns. and let’s through in the article for practice: der Mann. that mann means, in english man, as in not a woman. this sorted itself in my head fairly quickly so i don’t really make this mistake but (because there’s always one of those) i do find myself picturing Mann in my head when i hear man, or wanting to translate it as man instead of one.

the solution? constant reviewing and using all of the above whenever i can. for better or for worst they’re all quite common. i’m sure the more i learn the more of these will arise.

this really makes me feel for people learning english and the whole to/too/two thing. or red/read. or holy smokes i hadn’t realised there were so many in english! jeez, english. get ahold of yourself already.

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