B1 – Fertig // Done! – plus, photos!


bildungsverein, or educational association. my school for the last five months

alright. i did it.

i made it through B1. to review, people at the B1 level should be able to “…understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure, etc….deal with most situations likely to arise whilst travelling in an area where the language is spoken…. produce simple connected text on topics which are familiar or of personal interest…describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes & ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.” [Source]

the significance of B1 is that it is the level the german government expects you to know in order to apply to be a permanent residence. of course it’s not just as simple as completing the course. you have to prove you’ve learnt. you have to take a three and a half hour test, which comprises of listening, reading, writing, and speaking. here is an example from the goethe institute.

i’m not taking the test. mostly because it cost 100 euros if you’re not in the integration program. i might take it before i leave germany just to see how i do. i’m fairly certain i can pass it. we’ve been doing practice exercises every day for the past eight weeks. what it’s really shown me is where my weak points are. not so much shown me as highlighted them in obnoxious neon colours with giant flashing arrows where all my mistakes lie.

prepositions. oh god. so confusing.

vor sounds like for, which is like für
bei sounds like by but means at
 an is not all like an, nor is auf like of

excuse me while my head explodes.

okay. okay. a lot of verbs are inextricably linked with a preposition and so as long as you learn them together then you really have nothing to worry about. kind of like that pesky der/die/das. my problem is that these memorizations don’t always stick and then i’m left trying to make sense of what the prepositions mean and doing the inevitable translating. it’s slowly happening but i need to stop thinking in english. rather, i need to stop translating. once in awhile i surprise myself and explain something in german without thinking about it in english first. it’s a place that sometimes i didn’t think i’d ever make it to.

i’m also not taking the B2 course, as i’ve reached the end of the language school budget and the next few months are crazy with visitors. i’m still going to climb that language ladder. i’ve found a couple language tandem partners, i meet with the ladies from my B1 class, and, though i haven’t gone yet, they have a ‘practice your german’ group at the library. plus, i have S and his parents to practice with.

üben, üben, üben // practice, practice, practice
es macht den Meiste // it makes perfect
(the translation is actually ‘it makes the master’)

ich habe es geschafft. endlich. now i have more time to blog!

seriously. learning takes up a lot of time.


die Glotze = the boob tube. the idiot box. the telly. you get the idea. what everyone is watching now that it’s world cup season.
unglaublich! = unbelievable/incredible. combine this with shaking your head. useful in watching football games.
na? na. naaaaaa = slang for quickly asking how are you? how goes it? how are things?

too lazy to make it its own post BONUS PHOTOS!

hannover rathous

fancy schmancy rathaus. it’s old and stuff. well, not really. it’s just built to look that way. it’s actually called the new city hall, or neue rathaus, because it’s the city’s second city hall. the first on is still standing but here is where all the city hall business now goes down. built in 1913, it took 12 years to build  and cost 10 million marks which, as legend has it, was paid for in cash. like, what. who has that just lying around? i wish i did. 

hannover 1

view of hannover from the rathaus. sorry. nothing to do with rats. it’s just city hall. this photo was taken from the top. for 3 euros you can ride the terrifying elevator that holds only six people and has a glass floor up to the viewing deck. pretty sure i’m missing a comma somewhere.

hannover 4

more view from the rathaus! note how flat hannover is. 

tara hannover

this is just to prove i really was at the top.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 21.40.26

linden. where the hipsters hang. i thought i took more pictures. i did not. sorry. this is all you get for now.

hannover 3

ubahn stop with graffiti. you’d think it would be by the hipstery part of town but nope. it’s the stop by what S calls the old lady part of town. whatever. they have a billion ice cream shops. i dig it.

and to round things out, here’s an earworm for you. it’s been stuck in my head for weeks now. WEEKS.

One thought on “B1 – Fertig // Done! – plus, photos!

  1. Sharron Basanti says:

    Beautiful pictures :) Thank-you for sharing!


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