German Music YouTube Party! TANZ! TANZ!

Okay. I know I said the next post (so this post) would be about my impressions about Germany so far. That post is almost written but it’s almost like every time I’m just about to press publish I remember something else. Maybe I should just post it in pieces so it’ll eventually get out there. If only to stop everyone my mum  from asking about it.

Wait! Just realising this post is related. So consider this a teaser. Yes. That’s it. Ahem.

In high school I had a friend who returned back from a family trip to Poland with a CD of TOP HITS OF EUROPE. I remember being obsessed with one particular German song. Up until recently, I thought the song wasn’t actually ever a hit. I figured the CD she had brought back was something like a bargain bin in Safeway that claim hits of a decade but is actually a cheap collection of terrible cover songs, the originals you can only vaguely place. I think it was the seemingly photocopied cover paper that made me think so. Cut to S and his family having a YouTube party, normally of which I despise, but how could I resist terrible 90s German pop? I COULD NOT. So while they’re singing along and me just being entertained by this alone, comes the next song. I KNOW IT. WHAT THE HECK. So here it is in all its horrendous glory. It’s as terrible and as great as I remember.

It’s also worth mentioning that I was one of the few people who bought and loved Aqua’s first album. And yes, I can still sing along to all the songs. Pride, you have no place here.

I’d like to say that my musical tastes have improved but gosh darn it if I don’t love me an overwrought ballad (love you, Celine!) or a cheesy pop tune (Kylie, you know what I’m talking about). Germany has not disappointed me with both of these loves in one performer and so, with pleasure, may I present my lieblingslied of the moment.

Helena Fischer’s Atemlos durch die Nacht is a certified German hit and I LOVE IT. S knows all the words because I play it at least once a day. However, I will defend my enjoyment of this song because it has also helped with remembering what case the preposition ‘durch’ is always in (accusative). See? Dancing AND learning!

Of course, what would a Tara post of music be without some 80s karaokeable pop?

Again, learning moment: ‘über’ is another preposition that is only ever in the accusative case.

Gitte also had a hit in her younger days, which I, of course, also love.

My favourite German entertainer of yesteryear that I can’t get enough of is Trude Herr. I can’t wait until my German is good enough that I can truly appreciate her performances one of the many German films she made.

Now, lest you think I’m totally void of any taste, here’s something more recent and in the singer/songwriter vein that I quite enjoy.

You can’t see it but I totally lost myself on YouTube and Spotify (sorry, Canada, point to Germany for having Spotify) for about an hour discovering other German songs. So consider this Part 1. Or, knowing me, considered Part 2 an intention only. Erm…

Whether it’s German or otherwise, what songs are you listening to these days? Guilty pleasures are obviously more than welcomed!