Bayern // Bavaria: Lupburg

A quick hello to say the next post is coming and it’s about my impression of Germany so far. STAY TUNED!

In the meantime, I’m still learning German, still stumbling my way through every day exchanges, and still taking small trips through Germany.

Here’s a quick recap of last weekend: Driving down from Hannover into Bayern is the definition of picturesque. It’s green, full of rolling hills, and smattered with little villages. We stopped by Lupburg, the hometown of S’s mother. S always jokes that Bayern is a different country than Germany. In the case of the dialect, I can totally see why. My German’s not great yet but I can get by and understand and generally be understood. But in Bayern? I felt like I was hearing a whole other language. It almost sounds like German is being squished. That’s the image in my head when I hear it. Obviously if you’re fluent in the language, making adjustments to what your hearing isn’t hard. But for a new learner? <insert maniacal laughter here> I honestly had no idea what some people were saying. So I smiled a lot.

Oh. Bayern, it’s a good thing you’re pretty.

lupug P1020815

Guck mal! (KOOK-mal) – “Look!” You’ll hear it everywhere. It’s also just great to use when you don’t know the word for something and pointing isn’t enough to get attention.

Servus! (sounds like SERVICE) - is how people say hello and goodbye in Bayern. I did not know that and when we were in a pub and some customers walked in and said “Servus!” I thought they were saying it to indicate they wanted SERVICE. This is how my brain works.

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One thought on “Bayern // Bavaria: Lupburg

  1. Vanessa says:

    I’m looking forward to your post about your impression of Germany so far :)


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